[Harp-L] video review requested--randy singer and grammy winner MICKI FREE performing

I am requesting a review of my video here.


At my club, I featured the grammy winner MICKI FREE ( he also performed with shalamar for years) and is currently working with santana and bill wyman of the stones as well as clapton)

When he performed at the THE VAN DYKE CAFE here in miami, he asked me to play a few songs with him.

I must qualify your viewing with this statement. 

THIS WAS THE VERY FIRST TIME I HEARD THIS SONG!!!!! This was total improv as I was hearing the song for the FIRST time. 

Not looking for handicap points, but we harmonica players have to sometimes sit in and never know the key or vibe of the song before we play. 

This is a real art, the art of sitting in.

How did I do? 



Randy Singer      
954.422.5888  office/cell
954.929.7733  cell only
Video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEYha-oALw4

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