Subject: [Harp-L] Eric Bibb & Grant Dermody

Agree: Grant's a terrific player and singer - and has been well-known to  
many who attended several SPAHs over the last several years. In fact, he was 
a  featured performer at SPAH 2010.
Getting to hear someone of his caliber during a late-night Blues Jam with  
Joe Filisko is always special. I once thought that Grant and Joe were  
related - perhaps even brothers, due to their obvious bond and similarities (to  
my mind). 
Just a wee glimpse into the caliber of some who attend SPAH. You  never 
know who's going to show up - and perhaps be seated right beside  you.
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Subject: [Harp-L] Eric Bibb & Grant  Dermody
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I was lucky enough to catch Seattle harp player Grant Dermody  for the 
first time last week in Anchorage, Alaska.   What a nice  surprise, as 
I had purchased tickets not knowing Bibb would have any  accompanist. 
I knew that had had lived in Alaska for a while early in his  career.

Grant complimented Eric Bibb's masterful guitar playing and  vocals 
perfectly. It was just the two of them on stage. He played  
tastefully, and in an understated fashion sitting on a stool...mostly  
diatonic. Used an acoustic microphone in a stand. Grant uses his 
hands  to block and channel the harmonica very nicely for different 
tones and  varying volume control. Several very interactive lively 
extended songs  brought the crowd to it's feet.  A fine player.

Although Eric's  website says that he is mostly in Sweden and Germany 
over the next two  months (and I am not sure Grant is doing that 
portion of the tour), I  heartily recommend seeing Grant Dermody play 
if you get the  chance.

Grant's  website doesn't have any updated tour info for the current 
time period, but  maybe someone on the list  knows:



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