[Harp-L] Suzuki Sirius S64-C chromatic harmonica - Jazz Ballad

Hi friends,

I made a video where I play My One and only Love, a beautiful jazz ballad. 

I played it on a Suzuki Sirius S64-C, 
and I did some pretty serious production on the sound, nice mic + pre amp + mixing in Logic 9. 
I think its nice to be able to experience harmonicas both "clean" recorded and "produced". 
Often if one wants to check them out, 
the first thought is "clean" but if you play live or studio - many things changes. 

This I think show a nice warm touch - a bit of reverb, and NOT handheld
 - instead more a sort of "stevie wonder" hold of the instrument, 
which gives more brightness and not so Tootsy.
I am satisfied with this sound - but there is always things you can do different...  

Welcome to check and comment and ask whatever


All the best,

Filip Jers

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