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On Oct 1, 2011, at 9:13 AM, Splash! wrote:

> There is also galvanic action, or electrolysis.

Absolutely. Galvanic is probably the hardest to trace. Most people (7 out of 8) are on the alkalai side of ph, whereas I am the other one. Acetic. I have to be careful. Some people carry an electrical charge on occasion. If a harp feels tingley in your mouth or tastes bitter, you are probably galvanic. Either too high or too low. I tend to burn the plating off of harp covers.  

>  Where dissimilar metals react to each other with the metal with the higher atomic weight giveing up electrons to the metal with the lower atomic weight.
> That's why boat/yacht owners install 'ZINC' sacrificial anodes to their bonding system, so that the heavy zinc deteriorates instead of the vital brass/bronze/steel etc in the boat/yacht.  Emphasis on the word "sacrificial."

Yeah, zinc anodes only cost a couple dollars, whereas props, sea valves, intakes, exhausts, cost several hundred. :)
> When life asks you to jump in...
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> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Joseph Leone" >Corrosion can take many forms. It can be basic (alkalai), or acetic (acids), or interaction with various gasses. Such as oxygen. 

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