[Harp-L] Learning from a Living Legend

To my fellow Harmonasists

I've had the honor of knowing Jerry Portnoy for over 25 years and have been involved in the "alpha" and "beta" stages of his new Blues harmonica teaching website Harp Junction
There are as you know many very talented online teaching sources available sharing "licks" and techniques , and most of them are free.
BUT to have an opportunity to learn the subtleties and nuance of BLUES harmonica from someone who has lived the blues and played with other legends is without equal !
It would be like learning guitar from Albert King or piano from Pinetop Perkins ! Which by the way Jerry has played with both !
Some of the wonderful offerings on his site will include a weekly video with intimate insight about the "nature" of blues music as well as phrasing , timing , and dynamics
As the site develops there will be interactive video lessons where you'll be able to correspond in real time as well as a forum and and practice tracks .
There's much more but I urge you to check it out ! I'm receiving nothing for this endorsement other than sharing a priceless opportunity to my peers !

Keep bite'n that thang !


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