Re: Subject: [Harp-L] someone spilled beer in my harmonicas!!!!!

I was playing at "Pizza Express" Dean Street Jazz Club, in London's  
Soho... Playing Jazz...
With Brian Greene's New Orleans Stompers..
I was standing in the brass section, next to the trombone player.
My harps were on a tray on the floor...
The trombone player emptied his "spittle valve"... All over my  
harmonicas... He thought that was SO FUNNY!
I was tempted...
To murder him, at that moment...
But, I kept my head.
And kept my cool.
Best Wishes,
John "Whiteboy" Walden
Just now, in England,
Available for work.
ANYWHERE in the world.
_http://johnwalden.freevar.com_ ( 
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This  sounds like the title to a CW song!     ;o)


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