Re: [Harp-L] someone spilled beer in my harmonicas!!!!!

Hi. smo-joe, just be sure not to get a bout of hiccups.ha-ha

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When I would get a new harmonica, I would Simonize the covers. The chromatics were almost always brass with Nickel plate while the diatonics were nickel or cadmium plated steel. A lot of people think they have a nickel allergy, but in reality, it's cadmium that irritates them. If you suspect an allergy of this type, here's a test. Place 2 (U.S.) nickels in your mouth for 45 min. Then rinse and see what happens. Next day, hold several cadmium plated sheet metal screws in you mouth and repeat the experiment. I have found that if you have the allergy, the corners of your mouth will be red and possibly tender. :)

(People can use this in their books) lolol


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