Re: [Harp-L] Wind Saver Maintenance

Here are some suggestions for your upcoming windsaver work:

Fear not!

You won't have to worry about those screw bumpers because you won't have to remove the mouthpiece and slide assembly.

Don't "go in there" until you have replacement windsavers , glue, and tweezers.  I recommend windsavers from
I use GS-Hypo glue  from MicroMark or Michaels (but contact cement works fine)
and the kind of flat-bladed tweezers that stamp collectors use.
IMO, windsaver repairs are half measures. The purpose of "going in there" is to replace them. 

You will damage windsavers only if IF you brush against them in the tip-to-rivet direction.

There is no "typical maintenance life" of a windsaver.  In my harps, its life is over when it starts to misbehave. This can happen with new or old windsavers.

If you are reasonably gentle handling the harp with the covers off, there is little danger that you will do any permanent damage.

Rupert's video will show you how to do it.  If you have the eyesight and dexterity to thread a needle, you can handle the job.


On Sep 30, 2011, at 5:39 PM, Elizabeth Hess wrote:

> I'm doing some work on the chromatic harp for my lessons right now.  With an unusual lull in other areas of my life, I've been able to put in 45-90 minutes of practice a day.  (Woo.)
> Some of the wind savers are starting to curl up away from the reed plates, and some of the notes are starting to sound markedly "breathier".  I just re-watched the section of Rupert Oysler's DVD on maintaining chromatic.  (Don't lose those little screw bumpers!)
> I know I'm going to have to go in there.  I'm worried that I'll screw a wind saver up and not be able to get everything back and playable in short order, or worse, not in time for my lesson next Wednesday.  I know what to do.  But I'm a klutz.  It's just fear.  That's all.
> What I'm wondering is, what's the typical maintenance life of a wind saver?  In terms of playing hours, I suppose.  I mean, is this something that chromatic players do  *all the time*, so I'm just being a whiney-butt about having to do it now, or is it one of those infrequent things that I can at least feel justified in grumbling about?
> Thanks in advance.
> Elizabeth (aka "All-Thumbs Lizzie")

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