RE: [Harp-L] Blues and Jams in Seattle

Thanks Rich,


Their website looks good.  Looks like Lee Oskar lives in the area and plays monthly (or travels there regularly).  Weâll see which weekend my wife picks.  I may ask you about the bands playing there that weekend to see if you are familiar with them.  I also found this site for jam listings:  Some are probably away from Seattle/Tacoma, but there does look to be some in the SeaTac area.


ââ.Pete in AK



To Peter S. - I live in Seattle and the best blues venue I have found is the Highway 99 Blues Club which has blues every night except Sunday.  Here is their website -  With regard to jams, I haven't had much luck overall, although I go to a monthly autoharp jam which includes other instruments and they will play some blues and bluegrass.  Rich

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