[Harp-L] Re: Group Arrangement

Richard responded:

william lifford wrote to Hal Iwan:
<I believe Little Walter recorded most of his songs with no bass, just the Meyers brothers on two <guitars.

True. And the White Stripes and the Black Keys are making hit records and killer live performances without bass.

I'd never have thought that bass was the least essential instrument in popular music, but lately it seems to be. But if you ain't got a bass, your drummer better be really, really good.

Regards, Richard Hunter

Steve comments:
I've played for years without a bass in BluesCulture in the line-up guitar/vocal, harp & percussion. There's no problem as long as the guitar player (and this would certainly work for piano too) nails down the bottom end. May I once again commend to you our youtube videos if you wanna check some of the advantages of the stripped down bassless approach? PS the drummer ain't bad:


Steve Baker

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