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Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2011 14:36:28 +0100
From: Riccardo Grosso <rick.grosso82@xxxxxxxxx>
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Hello Harp-L-ers

I'm just wondering if the element in the subject is a good one and how I
can date the element from Shure and Astatic.

I'm buy some new old mics and element to work a little bit on sound and
improve (pimp :) ) my newbie mics like the Shure 520DX and the Hohner
Blues Blaster.

Thanks for you help.

If somebody has a list of elements with dating and all the info you
think I should no to avoid crappy stuff I'll appreciate that.

Riccardo Grosso
Viale Venezia 33
31015 - Conegliano (TV)
Cell: +39 320 1913530
Skype: riccardogrosso

Dave Kott's website www.greenbulletmics.com has a great deal of information on dating and identifying various Shure elements. Unfortunately no one can identify a "crappy" element for you. High impedance or Lo depends on your use and although output is more clearly measured, tone is a subjective matter. If you spend any time buying elements on eBay, I can assure you that eventually you will get burnt. In your case I would stay away from the Astatic, and any other, crystal element. By their very nature they will die at some point. A good crystal today may arrive dead next week after shipping overseas. 


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