[Harp-L] Lone Wolf Harp Attack

I have a 1st generation Harp Commander (upgraded to the lastest specs by Ron about 2 years ago) and a newly aquired Harp Attack. Both are outstanding devices providing wonderful tones to the PA (and/or an amp). I too have received positive comments using both tools (not simultaneously of course) running straight to the board. There are differences in the two with the biggest (IMHO) being the amount of crunch I can dial in. The Harp Attack will get as dirty as I could ever want it. The HC, however delivers a sweeter, rounder clean to slightly distorted tone. At least to my ears. I would postulate that the Harp Tone pedal is probably a bit closer to the overall functionality of the Commander however I have never used or heard one used. The only reason I purchased the HA was to get more dirt. It delivers.
As always, there are many variables with your choice of mics probably being the biggest.  All my bullets sound killer through the HA while my SM57 and 545 are creamy and warm through the HC. My HC has a compression potentiomer so dialing in some dirt is an option which I think is not the case with the JR. I love them both and have no intention of ever selling either as I use them for whatever the musical situation calls for: Clean, sweet jazz and/or country? The HC and my 57. Dirty, crunchy, overdriven Chicago blues or rock? My Shure modded JT-30 and the HA. Add a good analog delay pedal to either and call it done! Vintage tones in modern technology and convenience. 
Both manufacturers/dealars are absolutely stellar insofar as communication and supporting thier products even well after the initial purchase as well as answering whatever questions you may have. No affiliation to either. Just a very satisfied customer who gladly endorses both. 		 	   		  

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