RE: [Harp-L] RP355 Patches

> You'll never get a great sound out of any amp modeler with a small tube
> amp on the back end--it's just not how they work.  That applies to the
> Zoom, a Line 6, a Boss FBM-1 bassman pedal, or anything else based on
> that technology.  As it happens, I do include a set of FX-only patches
> (no amp modeling) with my patch sets now, so you can use the RP as a
> reverb, delay, chorus, pitch shifter, etc. in front of your favorite
> amp.  But that's not what you were doing here.  (You might try turning
> off everything but the delay and reverb, setting up an analog delay,
> then seeing how you like those in front of the 'Zoo.)

I did not try altering your patches.  It may be worth it to try them with the modeling turned off playing through the Zoo.  Makes sense, just didn't think of it.

> I like the sound of the Zooms, and the interface is simpler than the
> RP--fewer dials to spin.  You did know that the dials on the front
> panel of the RP are for setting up your sounds, right? I set up all my
> sounds from the RP's front panel--it's faster and less cumbersome.  I
> only use the computer to save the sounds and re-arrange them into patch
> sets.

I do know about using the dials on the RP.  It is still less intuitive than the Zoom for on the fly modifications.

> Beyond the sound of the RP, which I like, the computer backup is a very
> big deal.  If my RP breaks, I can have the same setup I used in
> performance loaded into another one in a minute or two.  The only other
> manufacturer who offers similar tools is Line 6, and their stuff costs
> 50% more than the Digitechs for comparable models, and doesn't sound
> any better to my ears.

This is a good point about backup.  I'll have to look at the Zoom more to see if there is any way to do this.

> Try your RP into a PA or keyboard amp and see what you think.  That's
> what it's for.

If I get access to one :)

Thanks again.....  I'm not done yet.

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