Re: [Harp-L] Newcomer with questions

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Subject: [Harp-L] Newcomer with questions

Hey, I'm a new comer focusing on "cross harp " . Im having a terrilble time
withthe 8 and 9 draw, its not the harp cause if I cover the adjacent holes
with my fingers I get a nice note out of it, also its more than 1
harp(special20s Hammond, ) Should my embrocure change in the upper end of
the harp? is the spacial relationship of the reeds diferent on the upper
end? I have tried soft play, I just cant seem to find it. also when I find
a song that I want to learn it is usually in 1st position then I transpose
into 2nd position to learn it, is that what you guys are doing or is there a
better way? Since I cant type any better than I can play I am going to say
thankyou right now for any help. THANK YOU !!

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