Re: [Harp-L] That great "Bluesy" stage sound

Agreed on the 545SD. Actually, my 545 sounds the best of all my mics with the VHT 6-watter.
I wasn't aware that it was still a current production mic. Mine are all old ones from the late 60's.
I never used a 545 to mic a cabinet tho, seeing how I have SM-57s for that.
That said, I still have my original first SM-58 working like always after 42 years.
BTW the SD means S=switch D=dual impedance


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Subject: Re: [Harp-L] That great "Bluesy" stage sound

Here's another idea: the Shure 545SD (aka, the "Butterfield" mic). You can get one new for ~$100 on eBay and elsewhere. Or you can do a little eBaying and get a vintage one that will sound even better than the newer ones. I see right now there is an auction with several cool mics, including a 545 (can't tell if it has the on/off switch, which would make it the SD model) <snip>

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