[Harp-L] Re: Les Thompson

If you haven't seen the following, you might find it interesting:


I took the photos on 11/15/83 in San Pedro, CA, when Lorraine and  I
picked him up at his home in Hollywood and drove him to his chiropractor
in San Pedro.

Note: data omitted on my earlier post - sorry 'bout that:

Various entries from my personal harmonica diary:

02-04-83 Les Thompson's home for lunch - Hollywood, CA
11-15-83 Les Thompson's home - Hollywood, CA - drove Les to chiropractor - San Pedro, CA
03-03-96 NWHT - Santa Monica Pier Jazz Series with Daniel May, Benjamin May, Garry Gibbons - Nel & Les Thompson, Conley Day in attendance - Santa Monica, CA

Best regards to all,

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