[Harp-L] Re: Les Thompson

Tom Ball writes:  Just found a great old clip of Les Thompson on  chromatic:

2. Odd-looking  mic attached. Any guesses?

Tom, remarkable performance... I'd kill to be able to play a  chrom like 
At around 1:17 you can kinda/sorta see the mic, it appears to be an Astatic 
 Model 30.  That mic has been dubbed the 'Brown Biscuit',  allegedly by 
Little Walter.  These definitely were popular with some  chromatic players back 
then... along with many of the blues  guys.  Not clear enough to tell how 
it's attached, but can  see it isn't hand held.  Not many people were modding 
mic's then  so it's probably the original crystal element inside, but 
perhaps not.   That shell will also accommodate a CM or CR element but I like it 
better with a  crystal.  Not to be confused with the OTHER Astatic Model 30, 
 which has a JT-30 like bullet style shell.  I have a few of both  types on 
my shop shelves.
My free Harp Mic Buyers Guide has a bit more info on both the Astatic  
Model 30's + lot's more.  Recently revised and free for the  asking at my 
website (below), just mouse over the 'Harp Mic's' tab.
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