[Harp-L] Lone Wolf Harp Attack at IBC

I've decided to take along a Lone Wolf Harp Attack pedal rather than hauling
an amp to the IBC.  Since I don't have a sturdy travel case for my either of
my amps (HarpGear/Cruncher), and with the airlines charging fees for checked
bags, I started looking for an acceptable alternative.  After reading
several posts on Harp-L and doing a little independent research, the Harp
Attack Pedal is the solution I settled on. I have test driven the Harp
Attack in different gig situations and found it easy to set up and it REALLY
sounds great. Whether I decide to run straight to the PA or use it with one
of the backline amps provided I'm confident the Harp Attack will do the
And for the record, I have no financial interest in Lone Wolf.
See ya in Memphis.

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