Re: [Harp-L] Speaking of amp stands...

I've been playing amplified harmonica since the mid 1960s.
Back then, there was very little information available about the harmonica  
in general, and the amplified harmonica in particular.
SO... I wanted a more "electric" sound... than I got (Back then)  when  I 
was playing through the PA...
So, I used a guitar amplfier.. Of course, I was playing Rock 'n' Roll, and  
later "Progressive Rock", I had to compete with lead guitars playing 
through 200  watt Marshall stacks. There was NO WAY I could stand in front of my 
speakers....  If I did... SCREAMS of feadback.
So I had 2 speaker cabs... One each side of the stage. And a JMI Vox  
Supreme "TRANSISTOR" amplifier (IN MY OPINION... A wonderful harmonica  amplifier)
It wasn't until the 1990's that I stood IN FRONT of my speakers.
These days, with 10 killowatt PA systems... On stage, a harp player simply  
doesn't NEED a 100 watt amp!
30 watts is just fine... And you can (probably) stand in front of your loud 
 speakers without fear of mega feed back screams.. With a "good  cup"...
I guess times change!
Now, I LIKE to stand in front of my amplifier, used as a monitor... The  
audience really don't hear my little harp amp... They hear the 10 KW  PA...
In those circumstances....
An amp stand is a good idea... Then the harmonica player can hear just  
what they are playing. Using the amplifier as a monitor.. The "Sound  Person" 
sees to it that the audience hears the music.
Just my 2d worth...
John "Whiteboy" Walden
English harmonicist, residing in Cebu City,  Philippines.

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