[Harp-L] Speaking of amp stands...


With the legs deployed, the amp is tilted back approx, 45 degrees. My Princeton and my Super have their controls on the front, so the controls are still reasonably accessible when the amp is tilted back. Your Bassman has its controls on the top rear of the cabinet, so, yeah, they would be pretty much out of reach.

As far as how the tilted back amp projects to the room, it all depends on stage configuration, amp placement, size and shape of the room, etc. I will almost always tilt my Princeton. I turn up the bass and roll off the treble to get that amp to sound right for harp and since there's no midrange control, i really, really like how the tilt opens up the tone of that amp. My Princeton tends to sound "boxy" without a tilt and because it is so small, tilting it is never a logistical problem. Tilting the Super isn't always the best option--because the amp is so large, tilting increases the amp's "footprint" quite a bit which can be problematic on a small stage. But most of the time projection to the room is better when the amp is tilted back.

Now, i also have an SWR Baby Baby Blue acoustic bass amp i use sometimes for certain gigs. it has a tilt back foot under the amp, but that amp just does NOT sound as good angled back, so i always leave it flat on the floor. Every amp is different, and the tilt back will audibly affect the tone. So, you may want to try tilting your Bassman at home by leaning it against something . Then use a long mic cord and get back from it as you play to be sure you like the sound you get when it's tilted before you go to the trouble of installing tilt back legs, Not trying to discourage you--it's just prudent to check it out first.


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