[Harp-L] Shure Vagabond

I was Googling this old Shure PE-52 Vagabond mic I've had since High
School and came across an old message I wrote to Harp-L about it in
February of 1997!   But then further Googling actually found a video
of the Vagabond being used as a harmonica mic!


And I also found the user manual online!


When I bought this mic back around 1970  I didn't know jack about
amplified harmonica or how to get "that sound".   I probably read
about its anti-feedback qualities and how it was designed to be used
for VERY close miking and figured it might work for harp.    But I was
never able to get anything but a very clean sound out of it.    Pretty
much like it sounds in that video.   It's kind of weird as a vocal
mike because you almost need to swallow it to get any warmth from it.
The manual recommends 1/4-inch distance from mic to lips!

It is built like a Mack Truck, its still going strong some 30 years
later although the original foam windscreen disintegrated about 15
years ago!   I think I paid $55 for it new.  That was a lot of money
to me back then, but  I guess I've gotten my money's worth!

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