[Harp-L] Speaking of amp stands...


I did this to my RI Princeton Reverb with a set of 14" tilt back legs because i like how the tone opens up on the PRRI when it' s tilted back. And i don't like carrying around an amp stand.

Besides the tilt back legs you will need a set of Fender metal amp corners and a set of Fender Sphinx Glides, both of which are available through Musicians Friend (and elsewhere) for a relatively low price.

You need the corners to protect the cabinet since the rear bottom corners of the amp will rest on the floor supporting the weight of the amp when the amp is tilted back. All Fender amps with tilt back legs have metal amp corners. Metal amp corners are not a bad idea anyway.

When you put the corners on, you have to take the little metal "feet" off the bottom of the amp or else the corners won't fit. The feet are just round metal tabs that have sharp jagged prong shaped edges that dig into the bottom of the cabinet to hold them on. Pry them off in order to put the amp corners on. Replace these "feet" with Fender Sphinx glides that are slightly larger, nicer feet that attach to the bottom of the amp with a screw that fits perfectly through the bottom screw hole on the Fender metal amp corner so that the same screw attaches the Sphinx Glide and the bottom of the amp corner to the cabinet and also serves to align the Sphinx Glides into proper position.

It's important to measure carefully when you attach the tilt back legs to the amp cabinet. I used my Fender Super Reverb Reissue for comparison to get the proper positioning. Actually, i had a friend of mine who is a finish carpenter do it. Properly positioning the mounting screws for the legs and the "stops" is very important.

Done properly, I think it's a great mod that favorably affects the tone of the amp more than one might think.

Hope this helps.


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