Re: [Harp-L] learning to read music

After decades of noodling on the guitar or harmonica and making a few attempts to read music, I am now taking piano lessons.  Suddenly written music makes sense!  Music notation is essentially tab for the piano!

So, my $0.25 worth of advice is to spend $49 or more on a keyboard and use that as a tool for learning music for the harp, and music in general.

Doug H
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  Howdy Folks,

  I am a newbie who is learning to play harmonica (with a teacher) after
  carrying one around for over twenty years.  I have little-to-no
  musical background, and am interested in learning to read music while
  I am learning harp.  I realize -- having done a search of the Harp-l
  archives -- that whether or not to learn music is somewhat
  contentious.  I realize that it is not necessary, but I am interested
  in learning, and was wondering if anyone had advice about books or
  ways to learn music while simultaneously studying harp.

  Many thanks in advance for your advice,


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