[Harp-L] Fluxtone Speaker Demo with Harp on Youtube

Hi everybody,

I used to post more often a couple years back, but have mostly been a lurker
more recently.  I know my guitar playing partner in crime Marc Landry was
talking up Fluxtone Speakers a few months ago, and we finally got around to
recording a video for Fluxtone demonstrating how it allows me to use my
Fender Blues Jr when accompanied by an unamplified acoustic guitar, *without
losing tone*.  The video ends with us playing Whammer Jammer:

For a brief background, a Fluxtone speaker has an electromagnet instead of a
permanent magnet, and by changing the current through the electromagnet, you
can vary the strength of the magnetic field, and thus the efficiency of the
speaker.  This allows you to change the output volume without affecting the
tone.  For more information on Fluxtone, check out www.fluxtone-speakers.com

Side note:  Whammer Jammer is meant to mostly be the way Magic Dick plays
it, but I do usually play it with a few changes, some because I just like it
that way, and others (like the part before the drum fill near the end in the
original) because I haven't managed to get close enough to the original to
make it sound good.

Jim Konish
Harp and Vocals, The Boulder Blues Mafia

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