[Harp-L] Speaking of amp stands...

Like most harp players I find I need one to monitor my sound but I've run into a problem that I'm guessing other harp players experience using stands.

The problem for me now is my guitarist's CAN hear my amp as well as I can and it pisses them off. I'm not the band leader so I can't dominate the stage with harp.

It didn't dawn on me with the last band I was in. Players beside me kept saying my amp was too loud while
listeners out front said I was too low or sounded good. I couldn't figure out the problem other then the tone might be thinning out as it moved out front.

After our gig last week the staff in the small bar we played said the sound levels were good and they were pleased with the band.
The guitarist who stands beside me however bitched that he could only hear the harp all night. The room was too small for my Avenger so I've been using a vintage
15 watt 1949 tweed on a stand on gigs. The room tonight is even smaller so the tweed comes out again.

Unless we start playing larger rooms again where I can move away from my band mates (I play outside corner) I'll have to leave the amp on the floor and
hope for the best with hearing myself.

Forget about miking it. Nobody wants to hear harp in the mains or monitors.


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