Re: [Harp-L] Newcomer with questions


The draw reeds above hole 6 on a diatonic harmonica do need to be approached
a little differently than the draws 1-6. There's no spacial difference but
there is a different relationship between the blow and draw reeds in holes
7-10. You've probably noticed that in holes 1-6 the draw notes are higher
than the blow notes. In 7-10 it is the opposite - the draw notes are pitched
lower than the blow notes. The 7-10 draws are not as forgiving as draws 1-6
because they won't bend down in a standard Richter tuned instrument. It's
not so much an embouchure change as it is an internal chamber difference.
Think of breathing the air for those higher draws in a straight trajectory
from the hole directly into your throat. Try not to "pinch" the air flow as
you breath in but keep your mouth and throat relaxed with the throat open.
And it doesn't matter whether you're tongue blocking or lip blocking, you
need to isolate whatever hole you're trying to play so that it is completely
unobstructed and the reed is free to vibrate. Just as you described what you
did with your fingers, do the same with your mouth - that is, block the
adjacent holes so that your breath is only being drawn through the hole that
you want to hit. Hope that helps.

tom albanese

On Sat, Jan 29, 2011 at 10:21 AM, Chris Thomas

> Hey, I'm a new comer  focusing on "cross harp " . Im having a terrilble
> time
> withthe 8 and 9 draw, its not the harp cause if I cover the adjacent holes
> with my fingers I get a nice note out of it, also its more than 1
> harp(special20s Hammond, ) Should my embrocure change in the upper end of
> the harp? is the spacial relationship of the reeds diferent on the upper
> end? I have tried soft play, I just cant seem to find it.  also when I find
> a song that I want to learn it is usually in 1st position then I transpose
> into 2nd position to learn it, is that what you guys are doing or is there
> a
> better way? Since I cant type any better than I can play I am going to say
> thankyou right now for any help. THANK YOU !!

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