[Harp-L] MS slot lenghths

On Jan 28, 2011, at 9:09 AM (?), Mox Gowland 

> Hopeing to rebuild a '98 G Hohner MS into a Powerbender, 
> I borrowed a 9 hole 'E' draw reed from a '93 built A harp.
> Much to my surprise, I discovered it to be too short !
> Can somebody please explain...............

My original calculation was taken from the november 07 edition of Pat Missin's "Altered States" 
Tho Richard Sleigh's excellent Marine Band Reed Replacement chart refers to 'handmades' the same principal seems to be correct.
My error was pointed out by Winslow as to the re-tooling date (1995)
Steve Baker suggested I move one hole over.....
& Bob's your uncle
So thanks everybody

Here's an interesting 'fact' :

It's the law to learn harmonica at school in Belgium


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