Re: [Harp-L] MS slot lenghths

Manufacturers change their reed dimensions from time to time, as Mox has 
discovered. The MS series was changed to new slot lengths in about 1995, so his 
1993 A-harp will not match a later model.

I haven't looked at Altered States in some time, and I don't know how recently 
it has been updated. The last significant chagne to Hohner reed dimensions of 
whcih I'm aware took palce in 2005, with the aforementioned narrowing of the 
widths of some of the shorter reeds on several models.

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Harmonica manufacturers do not always use the same slot dimensions for the same 
pitch and vice versa.  The differences depend on the model, the key, and the 
date of manufacture.

Hohner has standardized on a finite set of slot lengths and two reed widths.  
Any Hohner reed will have one of these standard dimensions.

I refer you to  where you should 
download Pat Missin's "Altered States" and open the SLOTS.TXT file.  All 
harmonica technicians should be grateful for Pat's information.
He lists the pitches and slot dimensions of many harmonicas.  

Not only pitch but also slot length and width are necessary to determine reed 
interchangeability. IF you have that information, model and key are irrelevant.  
I prefer to use the internal jaws of an electronic caliper (about $35) to 
measure the slot (not the reed) dimensions.


On Jan 28, 2011, at 9:09 AM, Mox Gowland wrote:

> Hopeing to rebuild a '98 G Hohner MS into a Powerbender, 
> I borrowed an 8 hole 'E' draw reed from a '93 built A harp.
> Much to my surprise, I discovered it to be too short !
> Can somebody please explain...............
> Mox


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