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That is really great, I like options, and as you say many of have effects pedals. 
Really sounds worth a try now! 

Thanks Jerry, 

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<snip> .. at first I thought rather expensive for something that is well 
covered by a harp and mic in various configurations. But then we don't want 
to limit the future development of great ideas based on cost...<snip> 

Based on the initial feedback (again, no pun intended) I went back to the 
scratchpad to see how to reduce the price. It turns out that a good portion 
of the cost is related to the RP-70 effects unit that comes included. In 
addition to the base cost of the unit, there's labor involved in 
modifications and programming the pre-sets. I was somewhat stubborn about 
bundling the harp and the effects unit, because I feel that the harp by 
itself is kindof booring. On the other hand, musicians probably already have 
their own effects box. So... I'm now thinking of offering the ELX in 
different configurations. For the base unit (enclosure containing pickup, 
ready to accept your Special-20 of choice) I think I can get it down to 
around $250. Contrasted with $450 I quoted earlier for the "works" that 
includes the effects box, patch cord, power adapter, Special-20, and gig 

Thanks to everyone who responded to my post. I now see the light, so to 
Stay tuned. 


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