[Harp-L] Manji repairs

I'm in the process of R&D for including Manjis to make my custom harmonicas. These reeds behave differently, but we're getting to know each other. I'm starting to really like them.

Suzuki has supplied me with factory-produced hole-stamping jigs to precisely locate the screw holes (Suzuki reeds are spot welded). I'm not sure, but doubt you'll find anyone with the proper tools other than Suzuki techs, myself, and possibly another customizer or two. It can be done without them as Brendan has demonstrated in a video, but this isn't precise and could make it a very fiddly job the next time that reed needs replaced.

One thing I don't have is a lot of spare reeds, or any dead harps to recycle parts from. I'm willing to repair Manjis on a trade-in arrangement until Suzuki releases replacement reed plates (if the rumor is true!!). In other words send me some dead Manji's, I keep three and send you back one.

Has anyone played them enough to compare the durability with other brands, based on actual experience?

Joe Spiers

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