[Harp-L] Re: Harp-L Digest, Vol 89, Issue 46

Steve Warner wrote:
Look for the song "Divine Justice Coming Down" What exactly is this big
ole harmonica he's playing?


Jaime Viehweg opined:
Looks like a bass harp with the cover plate removed (at least the top,
can't see the bottom).

In reality, it is a Hohner single reed #264/29 "G Bass"

It has two combs, similar to the Hohner #265/58 bass (my weapon
of choice).

And actually, the top cover plate is in place, and has the reed layout
embossed on the cover plate.

I do also own a 264/29 in my collection, of course, in addition to the
Hohner #268/78 bass, often nicknamed the "extended bass".

Ref: www.bassharp.com/bh_101.htm

- Danny


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