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"Degregorio, Jeffery" wrote:
<Thanks, What microphones (whether bullet or non-) do most people
<recommend around $100 or so - not that willing to spend more $$$
<wouldn't be done to get a richer sound.  

The Bottle o' Blues is the least expensive mic around that will do the job, for about $60.  Be warned: that mic has a very good overdriven sound for blues, but it's not very good for making clean acoustic harp sounds.  That aside, I like the sound of this mic for blues.  You can read my review of it and hear a (solo) amped blues recorded with it at:
This mic isn't used by a lot of pros, but it does what it does well and is good value for money.

You can find Shure SM57s and SM58s for sale at places like for under $100, and with a decent amped setup they'll work fine for blues, and for lots of other genres as well.  These mics have a high frequency peak that's intended to flatter a vocalist, so you'll need to turn down the treble EQ on your amp.  No big deal.  The SM57 and 58 are used by plenty of pros, and they're very durable pieces of gear.

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