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Thanks Richard! Yes, I keep pretty much everything of Seydel in stock in North Carolina, and it is shipped out the next business day, priority mail, when ordered on the website. The new windsavers developed for the Saxony are here:

It is not necessary to register on the website to order (that just helps store your info for future orders. etc.).

We also sell (and stock) the valves that PT Gazell developed for half-valving diatonics (and the very best for diatonic IMHO!):

Hope this helps,

Rupert Oysler

On 1/26/2011 7:56 PM, Richard Hunter wrote:
In my opinion, the best windsavers available are the ones made by Seydel for their chromatics. They do not buzz, which is great. I'm pretty sure you can get them from Rupert Oysler.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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