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"Degregorio, Jeffery" wrote:
<Hope everyone's having a good day... This may be a simple question, but I'd like to know through <experience how that "bluesy" rash sound over an amp can be attained.  

I don't know what a "rash" sound is--I have had rashes in my life, but as I recall they were silent.  

Anyway, this page on my website explains various options for getting an amped sound:

The problem you're going to have is getting that sound for $50-$100. The Digitech RP155 amp modeler is in that price range, but out of the box it's not going to give you that tone--you'll have to find settings that work for the harp, which takes time. If you can find a used Digitech RP250 or RP255 for less than $100, you can buy my patch set (also at my website) for another $25.  (I see several RP255s selling for under $100 on eBay now.)  The RP255 will work with your Peavey amp just fine. (You'll also need a second 1/4" guitar cable with this setup, so figure that into your budget.)

Another alternative is to buy a small modeling amp like the Vox DA5, which can be found for under $140 new, and maybe less on eBay. I doubt you'll find one for under $100.

Most small tube amps sell in the neighborhood of $150-200 new, and not much less than that used.  That's the traditional solution, but it's above your price range.

The only thing I can think of that's totally in your price range, unless you get really lucky on eBay, is a Digitech RP200, which you can buy off eBay now for under $60 (shipping not included).  You can buy my patch set for that device for another $20, and it'll take you about an hour-plus to enter the patches by hand. (As per the other digitech, you need a second guitar cable with this one.)  Plug that into your Peavey and you'll have plenty of rash in your sound.

That's about it.  If you can add another $50 to your budget, you get a lot more options.

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