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I knew there was something to that Sonny Boy!  You're right.  It's the tone I'm looking for so I will need to look into Tone+ pedal as part of the research. Thanks.

Jeff DeGregorio

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Hey Jeffrey--Well Sonny Boy Terry's one of the finest blues harp guys in Texas. 
Talk to him, he'll tell you what you want to know. He also gives lessons. Most 
of that sound that your speaking of, Sonny Boy can most likely get it going 
straight into a p.a. with his acoustic tone alone. That Peavey amp is probably 
not the optimal amp for 'that' sound, but try a Tone+ pedal from and it'll certainly improve in tone. They have excellent 
delay pedals also.
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Hope everyone's having a good day... This may be a simple question, but I'd like 
to know through experience how that "bluesy" rash sound over an amp can be 
attained. I know lots of people use it (not sure of the term)- recently heard 
Sonny Terry of Houston use it. Since I have been playing for 1 ½ years now, I 
want to try working with different sounds. I have a small Peavey amp that only 
has volume, gain, and simple settings, but no reverb or delay on it. Therefore, 
I'm looking at getting the Behringer DR400 or DD600 (the DR has delay and 
reverb) to connect it to. Any comparable products out there that being used? 
Anyone have any ideas what to do/get or setups for around $50-100.

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