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I've been trying a range of diatonics after years of playing special 20s,
marine bands, blues harps.  The Manji seems to be the one I'm going with. It
is different and took some getting used to.  It seemed like more precise
breath control was required compared with my old standbys and the Delta
Frost, which I initially thought would be my new favorite.  But I don't
notice that now.  I now feel that the Manji is the harp that makes the
experience of losing myself in the playing - making the harp and extension
of me - more easily attainable.

My only complaint is the lack of center support for the cover plates.

Any word on when reed plates will be available for purchase?

Thanks.......Pete in Alaska

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> Subject: Re: [Harp-L] Manji
> Hey George, thanks for the props.
> These are great harps, and I am extremely happy to be a part of the
> Suzuki
> team.
> One year warranty, people!
> G

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