[Harp-L] TurboSlide Circular?

Hi Bob, actually my turboslide is not a circular. Before placing the order with turbo harps I debated several alternate tunings. Since I was going to spend the money on this harp I wanted to experiment with a fully chromatic diatonic using slide + draw bends. I was leaning heavily towards a circular but in the end I chickened out and ordered another alternate tuning closer to the richter layout ( paddy at the bottom/ bebop at the top). Dr Antaki ordered my tuning from Seydel ( they have an account set up with them), got the harp, installed the slide and sent it to me. After some minor adjustments I am having a LOT OF FUN with it. I really hope Dr Antaki can sell a lot of this harps to keep him motivated to explore and perfect this concept to the fullest.
So yeah, I would just writte to him and ask for a Circular. He also retunes stock harps but  first of all, it's very time consuming to grind those steel reeds and I felt it was better to have him ordered straight from Seydel.
Hey, income tax money is soon to come my way, so I'll be ordering a Circular TurboSlide.
Check the video I made showing mine
Circular TurboSlide layout in C :
Slide Bends             F#          Bb           C#           E            Ab           B             Eb            F#          Bb           C#
Blow Notes              G            B             D             F            A             C             E             G             B             D
Hole #                    1            2             3              4            5             6             7             8             9             10
Draw Notes             A            C             E             G            B             D             F             A             C              E
Draw Bends            Ab          -----         Eb            F#         Bb            C#          ----          Ab           -----          Eb

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