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I own a Harmonetta that I have been working on and getting good
results. I will be making gaskets again (need to fix a few problems in
the code for the CNC mill) and don't mind too much the madness that
comes with taking the things apart and doing repairs. If John is still
taking customers I would suggest him above myself as he does have much
more experience. I do have the equipment and tuners to not only do
work on them but to also bring them into tune and balance for the
chords. Currently finishing 3 clients harps and than should have space
for taking on more client work as don't want to get behind on
projects. I will say that a tuning on one of those is a pain, but can
be done and is worth it (though takes a good bit of patience). I have
also sourced Steel machine screws to replace the brass screws that
hold the shims down, which solves the problem of them stripping out
(which with even the lightest touch them seem to like doing). 

So if you need to contact me please do though so I can tell you what
paperwork you need to get it to me and back without paying tariffs (I
am in the UK) and me not paying VAT on it.


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