[Harp-L] Bluegrass - The 48-Chord and alternatives

I am currently in a bluegrass band and am interested in 
what the 48 chord can do in this genre. I watched this 
video and was impressed. Then I saw the price. Is there 
an alternative to this harp/situation? I know what a 
diatonic can do.

Thanks, John 


Are you familiar with the Circular Tuned diatonics? I use
them exclusively for playing bluegrass/gospel/OTM/country.
It seems a lot of people are unfamiliar with the chords
available with this alternate tuning. There is a FULL chord
available on every note of the diatonic scale for two octaves.
It also has every note of the diatonic scale for 2 1/2 octaves.
This makes it a breeze to play in all 7 modes with no missing
notes (as on a "standard" Richter Tuning). And, it's a MUCH
CHEAPER alternative to the 48-Chord!

Crazy Bob


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