[Harp-L] Re: Harp-L Digest, Vol 89, Issue 38

ÂHere's a little something I did with Steve Williams, Roy Clark Jr. and George 
Hauser, on the 48 chord. If I were using diatonics I would be playing the same 
thing pretty much. It was Roy's turn to shine, my job was to lay down the beat. 
If you know what your job is at any given moment and do it, you will go far in 
the bluegrass community and the same goes for any genre. 


ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ I am currently in a bluegrass band and am interested in what the 48 chord can do in this genre. I watched this video and was impressed. Then I saw the price. Is there an alternative to this harp/situation. I know what a diatonic can do...........................Thanks, John 

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