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Here's a Little Blugrass from the AC Brothers, Little bit of Harp 

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and... as a possible next best thing to Winslow's slow jam suggestion, if you want to create your own "poor man's slow jam" when you just can't find anyone you can keep up with (yet), play the audio file of a tune you're trying to learn using Quick Time. on the QT menu bar, choose 'Window' and 'Show A/V controls', at the bottom of the A/V Controls window, you'll see a slider bar where you can adjust the playback speed without affecting the pitch. 
good training for developing your ear, too. 

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Celtic musicians can likewise look with a severe eye on beginners joining in at 
expert sessions. 

Which is why slow sessions exist. People new to the music and/or new to their 
instrument can get together with others at the same level (and perhaps a patient 
accompanist) and learn the tunes at a manageable tempo. This gives them a 
welcoming environment to develop the tune knowledge and chops to eventually join 
in at the expert sessions. 

Winslow Yerxa 
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I am a harmonica player and no genre of music is sacred. ÂI'm not a pro, I play 
for fun. ÂThis bluegrass thing is beginning to sound "elitist" to me. ÂBecause I 
learn by sitting in, I'm not supposed to play because I don't know everything. Â 
If that attitude prevailed in all other genres, there would be a lot less people 
playing harp out there. ÂJust my opinion. 

Manfred Wewers from Toronto the Good. 


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