[Harp-L] amp stand recommendation

i was reading the vox forums a while back, and it was strongly
recommeded that one use an amp stand for my vt-30, to get it
up off the floor and improve projection and sound.  i did so, and
have been very happy with it, so i thought i'd mention it in case
others might be interested.

the stand i bought was this one:


it cost $30, is well built, has adjustable tilt, folds and unfolds smoothly,
and really does make a big difference in the sound.  the vt-30
is pretty directional, and it does nobody any good having it point
at my ankles.  i can hear better, and so can the room.

another win is that the top post is threaded to accept an optional boom.
i ordered one of those for another $10, and leave it attached all the
time.  the whole thing takes up no more space then either the stand
or a mic stand would take in my trunk.  the boom allows me to mic
the amp precisely, without having to use a separate mic stand, thus
reducing stage clutter.  my band mics all of our amps, so anything
that reduces stage clutter is a win.  the guitarist is getting one of
these, too.

they also sell a combination stand and special boom arm for $39.99:


but i haven't tried that. i'm fine with the more conventional boom i have.

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