Re: [Harp-L] Floyd Collins

Hi Michael,

I did the original workshop recordings in NY yrs back, no OB's just Chromatic & show!.

Corrin Huddleston did the run when it hit the Theatre in NY, Winslow has played the show as well and I'm sure he'll help out...

Have a great run if it works out!

all the best,
Rob Paparozzi

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I've been invited to do Floyd Collins.  The musical director says it
requires bass harp and chromatic harp.  I was under the impression it
featured diatonic with overblows, which to the uneducated in our ways
director must be chromatic, or how could they play those notes?
Before I tell the director he is wrong, is there anyone who knows what
is up?  Winslow, do I remember you have done this before?
Michael Rubin

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