Re: [Harp-L] Bluegrass

Nothing wrong with the playing. It just sounds dynamically weak, compared to a fiddle, or any other string instrument (or any instument)
The harp isn't very loud, and usually needs amplification to bring out it's subtlties in all but the quietest location.
In the Bluegarss setting it leans to acoustic, even these days. Try playing harp in a parking lot jam with mandos, banjos, fiddles etc. etc.
Maybe this is part of the difficulty with harp in BG.


>>> John Kerkhoven <solo_danswer@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 23/01/11 3:40 PM >>>

> As to whether harmonica "sounds right" in a bluegrass context, I would
> suggest that you listen to the Maine band Evergreen, in which
> harmonica has been gracefully integrated into the mix. 
> Bill in DC

Works for me.


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