[Harp-L] Gibson 4x8 Maestro Tweed 4 sale.

Hi all,
Chris and I were just emailing back and forth about ebay microphone hype
stories and total hack jobs, so I just couldn't help myself from doing  my
rendition of an ebay add with plenty of overzeolous flippity flam.

"What we have here is the greatest harp amp ever!  If you have ever wanted
that Lil Walter sound just drippin' from the walls then YOU need this amp!
It's why the Greatest Blues Harp Player in history used it.  It just oozes
tone.  That's what the Blues is all about!"
Buy It Now!   $4000.00  and I'll throw in free shipping with a vintage 1874
Mexican Sombrero where each stich was flown in from the Malbec Wine plains
at the foot of the Andes Mountains inside the neck satchels of 1264 homing
pidgeons via 3 round trips.
7 days and.......****Price just reduced $3250.00 for quick sale.***

Alright alright....given my own self a headache.

Amp sounds good.  Nice bright mids.
Speakers are original cones with no tears, creases or scratches.
The tone is nice and broken up as  you'd expect from those nice old Jensen

Cabinet is still structurally sound and very little dust throughout.
See pics for cosmetic condition.

All original except replaced filter caps.  Have all numbers; PT, OT,
speakers and serial # on request.  I need a mechanics mirror to find the
choke #, but  it's original.
  I will toss in extra NOS RCA 6V6's.

Contact me off list.
Serious buyers only.   $750.00   I might go a little lower, but this is a
real collector's item so don't start penny pinchin' me.  This will fetch a
nice return when the economy picks back up should you decide to resell it.

Long distance shipping will be worked out.  Local buyer somewhere in
Southern California can be picked up in person or meet halfway.  We'll work
it out to reduce expenditures.

If you can't see the pictures in this email, click here to see it in a web

thanks, Steve


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