[Harp-L] Repair question

I mostly play Special 20's and have been generally satisfied with their out-of-the-box quality.  Recently, though, I've had two harps which buzz on a deep draw 2 bend.  I've opened up one of the buzzing harps and checked both the draw & blow reeds on hole 2 for burrs and alignment problems.  I think the buzzing is coming from the draw reed--when I stabilize the draw 2 reed and do a deep bend, allowing only the blow reed to vibrate, I get the bent note with no buzzing.  Why would the draw reed on hole 2 buzz when the blow reed comes into action while bending?  I used a dremel with a fine grit to burnish off any burrs on the draw reed but that didn't fix anything?  Is it the rivet?  

Any ideas/suggestions appreciated.  



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