Re: [Harp-L] BLUEgrass

When I mentioned Mike Stevens, David Naiditch responded:
The "Biggies" that Mike Stevens toured with were the bluegrass legends
Jim&  Jessie McReynolds.

Here are some YouTube videos:

And here is what these bluegrassers sound like playing the blues:

--David Naiditch

Hmm. I'm not sure what point you're making in this post, David. I certainly don't want to take the role of championing Mike Stevens; I don't like what he plays either (if that's what you're saying). It's not really even music to my ears. I can never sift a melody out of what I call his harmonica "shredding." He's certainly no Charlie McCoy or PT Gazell. He's no David Naiditch, either, IMO (I heard you rippin' it up at SPAH!). He's definitely under the radar on Harp-L and probably rightly so. Somebody must like him though as he does seem to get around.

I also don't want to oppose your main point that harmonica isn't widely accepted in bluegrass circles, because I agree from the large view. Somehow I seem to do OK bluegrass circlin' in my little neck of the woods, though I'm no David Naiditch by any stretch. And Trip Henderson KILLS in his bands. There are other small pockets here and there.

It's just that in your sweeping commentary you neglected to mention a guy who has appeared literally hundreds of times playing bluegrass harmonica at the Grand Ole Opry. I thought he should be mentioned for the sake of completeness and impartiality, that's all.


PS: Johnny B. Goode ain't the blues.

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