[Harp-L] RE: TurboHarp develpment bench - ELX

That's a great application for a chromatic harmonica! Playing it valveless is an improvement, and hand effects on an amplified chromatic are a bit less "in use" (at least for me) as the seal between mic and harp, especially 16 is not ideal to begin with. I'd miss those hand effects less on a chrom. one harp, plays all keys (no need to swith it), may be that's a good way to go "electric"?

"For the multiple channel ouput flavor of the ELX might this optical
method of sensing the reed vibration partially eliminate the need for
valves on the chromatic harp?

Valves might not be needed at all in a chromatic ELX harp if there was
one channel of output per reed.

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> I just took a look at the TurboHarp 


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