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Keith is fine, thanks. "Play Nice or we won't be talkin to you at all"

"We" is a nice touch. Nice threat, nice guy! Follow your advise, and be nice, or i won't be talking to you. Others, I see are doing fine, actually talking about a topic that I brought to the surface because I, and they care to talk about it. So, what's the problem? 

When Mik Jagger talks we all should listen......thanx Mik but we don't need to be reminded from you what WE should talk about......

How is Keith doin anyway?

Play Nice or we won't be talkin to you at all.....this is Harp-L not Tude-L

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I'm contributing the reminder that a thoughtful line of questions was posted on the list, by a thoughtful dedicated member of our list, about the topic that is surely and important one to us, not some frivolous fru-fru troll, and all we do is ignore it? Btw, my reminder worked already.
Electric contribution: Dear turbodog, ideal electric harp for me would be wireless, silent when unplugged and under $200


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