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I carry mine on, too. I watch intently as they go through, 'cuz I like seeing the look on their faces as they hit the "rewind" button…

Have to explain, and be careful to describe, "bullet" mics.

Not looking forward to flying with my Kinder AFB+…


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Always have my harps as carry-on, and usually as I shuffle barefoot by the person at the screen w/ the puzzled look on their face I say: "Harmonicas" and they'll nod and wave me through. But sometimes they'll want to check them out. Doesn't take too long, and then I'll pick one out of the case and play a little blues riff for them. They always laugh and send me on my way. Back in 2004-2005 I was taking the Jet Blue Redeye from Ontario, CA to JFK about twice a month and became known in that terminal as The Guy With the Harmonicas. The security crew got to expect a little serenade when I came by, and one TSA guy made a point to always show me this antique Hohner he carried around w/ him, used to be his Grandpa's. I only fly about twice a year these days, and -- alas -- Jet Blue doesn't fly out of Ontario anymore. So now I have to fly out of Burbank. That sucks because it's a hell of a lot further away from home in the IE (like over an hour vs twenty minutes), and the security !
there is not quite so appreciateve of harp players, lol.

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